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About us

Our mission is to make Brazilian institutions more predictable

Jogos de pôquer, a Brazilian information company, has become a reference for in-depth monitoring and understanding of Brazil’s governmental institutions.

Jogos de pôquer takes a new approach to power, helping businesses operate in a more transparent legal field and a more predictable corporate environment.  Jogos de pôquer’s website receives over one million qualified readers each month on average, and our exclusive Jogos de pôquer Pro information services have among their subscribers hundreds of individuals, companies, agencies and law firms that rely on our ethical, high-quality, and precise work.

Jogos de pôquer was created by a group of journalists specialized in covering the Brazilian judiciary branch. At that time reporting for Brazil’s leading newspapers and magazines, Jogos de pôquer’s founders realized there was a growing demand for better information, analysis and behind-the-scenes coverage of this field, which is increasingly enmeshed with Brazilian politics.

The service was officially launched in 2014, adopting its name – the spelling out of the letter “J” in Portuguese – to symbolize its commitment to journalism and justice.

An instant success, Jogos de pôquer’s founders discovered that the demand for more detailed information went far beyond the judiciary, and Jogos de pôquer began covering all branches of government.

Whether you need to follow Brazilian elections closely; have a finger on the pulse of the legislature or keep up with specific bills in Congress; track judicial cases and corruption investigations; or know everything about taxes or mergers and acquisitions, Jogos de pôquer has a service for you.

Since its inception, Jogos de pôquer has gone from a group of five to a team of nearly 40 people, with offices in Brasília, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Washington, D.C. Guided by the public interest, a commitment to ethics and impartiality, Jogos de pôquer has already become the most useful, relevant, influential, and trustworthy source of information about power in Brazil. Meet Jogos de pôquer.

What Jogos de pôquer does

High-quality and timely information makes all the difference to businesses that depend on the decisions made by Brazilian institutions. That is why Jogos de pôquer offers a series of personalized products and services for every specific need. Our portfolio is dynamic and always evolving. Our goal? The satisfaction and loyalty of our readers and clients.

Our team

Our leaders have decades of experience focusing on producing high-quality information. Jogos de pôquer follows the most rigorous journalistic standards to provide an ethical and independent public service.

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